Zombie in my Pocket

tile-placement zombie game

by Jeremiah Lee
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ZimP - main menu
ZimP - gameplay
ZimP - gameplay
Game description

One of the famous print and play board game finally on Android.

The apocalypse has come and zombies are walking around. However, you can save the world! If you can find the evil totem on tiled map, conveniently hidden in an evil temple in your house, and bury it in the graveyard, also conveniently located on your property, all the zombies will be banished and life can continue. All this needs to be done while zombies are attacking and before the clock strikes midnight. You can pick up items to bash zombies along the way; a machete, golf club, chain saw, or even your former uncle's grisly femur.

2010 Golden Geek Best Print & Play Board Game WINNER


1. Each time you play the game the board will be different. You make the board by laying down tiles as you move from room to room (like you do in Betrayal at House on the Hill). It's great to use random tiles to make the game boards because they make sure that each game you play is different.

2. The game has a built in timer. Each run through the deck of event cards amounts to one hour of game time (in real life, that works out to a couple minutes.) This makes the player have to think about whether they have enough time to search for an item or to cower in a corner for health. There are many games that use similar card systems to move the game along (StarCraft: The Board Game, for example.) But in this game you can move through the deck so quickly that it often becomes a somewhat agonizing decision about whether to burn that extra card to search for an item.

3. The combat really couldn’t be easier. Number of zombies - your attack power = damage you take. Easy and balanced!

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